Q: What is Gaia?
A: Gaia is the meta-entity that exists because of the interconnectedness of all living things on Earth. That includes the planet itself, the oceans, the atmosphere, every microorganism, every macroorganism, every plant, every animal, every person, and every piece of technology. It is not some of these things or many of these things; it is all of these things collectively.

Q: What is Gaianism?
A: Gaianism is the belief that all life on Earth and the technology created by it can be thought of as a single superorganism.

Q: Is Gaianism a religion?
A: No. It is more of a belief system that is separate from religious views, though your religious views will obviously affect your interpretation of Gaianism. Theism, for example, is not a belief system as much as a broad category that most religions fall into. Gaianism is similar because people can be Gaian and still claim a specific religion.

Q: Can one convert to Gaianism?
A: In a sense, yes, but there are no rules you have to follow. So, conversion isn’t the same as it is with religion. Once you recognize the interconnectedness of all living things on Earth and accept that technology is just another aspect of nature, then you have essentially converted to Gaianism. If you believe these things and it hasn’t changed your existing religious or spiritual beliefs, then you haven’t converted anything. You’ve just added a new aspect to your personal philosophy.

Q: Can one be theist (Christian, Jew, Muslim, etc.) and Gaian at the same time?
A: Absolutely! Because there are no real rules to being Gaian, it does not conflict with existing traditions or religious institutions. In fact, it is very much in line with most religious teachings. Basically, care for the planet and care for each other.

Q: What is the difference between the Pagan idea of Gaia and the so-called neo-Gaian interpretation?
A: The idea of Gaia as a the mother of all life is not in conflict with the neo-Gaian interpretation, but there is a slight difference. This meta-entity could not have existed without all life on Earth, so it is the literal manifestation of Gaia.

Q: How does Gaianism view conflict?
A: Conflict is a natural part of life, but we should seek to resolve it at any time through words and action. Conflict is just the result of a lack of understanding, and it is only through communication that we can ever overcome the conflicts inherent in all of us.

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